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Review: "Sexual Detox" - 2 free ebooks

Sex is one of the most seductive ways to lead people, especially men to sin. One can commit adultery with one simple look of lust. Like a fish hook, it is easy to bite into lust, but very painful and difficult to pull out. When we turn on the TV, sexual images that runs on the programs, the commercials and even news flashes tempts people, especially men.

Tim Challies recently released 2 ebooks that try to address this temptation. There is a need to have a 'sexual detox' especially for men, both single and married. Writing with a reformed perspective, Challies first observes that our modern culture is sex fills our minds and impacts our hearts. He then presents the modern dilemma as follows. How can "guys who want to be holy, who want to honor God with their minds and bodies" overcome the temptations of the modern highly-sexed culture? As both books are largely similar, I shall base my review on the one on the single guy, as every man has been single before.

Brief Overview
Challies answers this by providing 6 short chapters.
  1. In chapter 1, "Pornifying the Marriage Bed," he zooms in on one of the key problems: Pornography. Engaging in pornography essentially makes men put unfair expectations on their wives or future wives, to behave or to act like the false porn portrayals. That is cruel and unfair when the wives fail to 'perform' like what men see on their porn. In fact, once anybody got hooked onto porn as an addiction, it is so damaging that a detoxification process is required for cleansing.
  2. In chapter 2, "Breaking Free" is the first step to recovery. It is not swallowing a detox pill but to stop doing the wrong act altogether first of all. In other words, stopping the act altogether clears the deck for a fresh recovery. In other words, stop consuming porn stuff that puts unreal expectations on others. Instead, begin to prepare one's heart to wear God's lens of purity to learn to see real people, and to love them for who they are.
  3. In chapter 3, "Theology of Sex" lays the groundwork for a fresh start, to see from God's perspective rather than from the world. A theology is important as it affirms that sex is good when we see if from God's original intention. This attempt at a biblical approach is helpful especially for believers.
  4. In chapter 4, "Self-Centered Sex" Challies makes a case against masturbation and other acts that puts self before others. This additional section on masturbation is additional material that is slightly different from the 'married men' version of Sexual Detox. Here, Challies hones in on the true nature of sex. It is not self-centered but love for others centered.
  5. In chapter 5, "Detoxification," the detox process is described in greater detail. Sex is not the 'act' but the 'thought' behind the act. Such a perspective must be maintained throughout the detox process.
  6. In chapter 6, "Freedom," we see how detox liberates one from the clutches of worldly sex. 
  7. Finally, Challies provides a helpful set of resources for those who want to learn more.
The conclusion of it all is simple: "Turn from your sin today. Pursue freedom. Pursue Christ." This is the universal manner to approach all sin. The two ebooks are a quick read and should provide good material for more discussion especially for men's groups. The author has also included some questions for facilitators to use. The ebooks are free for you to download, courtesy of Tim Challies. Thanks Tim.

A) Download "Sexual Detox - A Guide for the Single Guy"

B) Download "Sexual Detox - A Guide for the Married Guy"


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