Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Comment on the New Disney Movie

I love this post by Wesley Lowe, a film producer specializing in inculcating more Asian content in a media industry dominated by white-only. This post is brilliant especially this quote:
affirmative action is much better than what we have now – “unaffirmative inaction.”

In the current hit, the The Princess and the Frog, Disney decides to cast a 'black' as the heroine. From the many cartoon movies so far, this is unprecedented. This is especially when the original author of the fable is writing to a largely white readership base. Again, I have a small critique. Asians HAS been represented in cartoons. Think Mu Lan.

I know that cartoons such as MuLan already has a Chinese face to the lead figure. Yet, I concede that the context is that the story is written by a Chinese author, and the name itself is very Chinese.

Finally, my response to Lowe's post is not simply agreeing for a more ethnically diverse representation in Hollywood. I am also hoping that the day will come, whether white, black, Hispanic, Asian or whatever ethnicity, people will see each and everyone equal.

You can read Lowe's excellent comment here.

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