Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ten Riskiest Domain Names according to McAfee

McAfee, the antivirus company has just released the latest riskiest domains ranking. What it does is to compile and tabulate the spam reporting this year.

Here's the list.

  1. Cameroon (.cm)
  2. Commercial (.com)
  3. China (.cn)
  4. Samoa (.ws)
  5. Information (.info)
  6. Philippines (.ph)
  7. Network (.net)
  8. Soviet Union (.su)
  9. Russia (.ru)
  10. Singapore (.sg)

  1. Government (.gov)
  2. Japan (.jp)
  3. Education (.edu)
  4. Ireland (.ie)
  5. Croatia (hr)
  6. Catalan (.cat)
  7. Luxembourg (.lu)
  8. Vanuatu (.vu)
  9. South Africa (.za)
  10. Switzerland (.ch)

My comments
I find lists like these rather superfluous. Is there new information that we do not already know? My question is whether this is a fear-mongering effort by an anti-virus company, or is it merely McAfee's attempt to boost advertising publicity about their products. As far as the user is concerned, when he/she gets spammed, it doesn't matter which domain is the culprit. Not even (.safe) can help. The moral of the story is this: With the Internet so wide and open, take your necessary precautions as you surf.

Secondly, wouldn't publishing such a list likened to throwing down the gauntlet to hackers to spam domains to make next year's list?

Finally, the domain '.edu' is among the ten least riskiest. I am suspicious. Suspicious indeed.


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