Monday, January 18, 2010

"The Soy Sauce Towkay"

First Book on Christian Entrepreneurs in Singapore
This is a soon to be launched book by my Christian Fellowship alumni in Singapore. Written by a NTUCF alumni, it is a story of how the founder of the Yeo Hiap Seng company, Mr Yeo Thian In builds his business using Christian principles as guidelines for practicing his faith.  Through letters and interviews with the descendants of Yeo, the 23 chapters make up his story of humble beginnings, that grew to becomes a household name throughout Southeast Asia. The name of the company ( 楊協成) is worth noticing a little more closely. In particular, the middle name, '' 協" (hsien) comprises the cross “+” and three “力” (strength). With Christ supplying perfect strength, the founder begins his business. The word "成" (cheng) indicates success. In Christ, the company will enjoy success. Unfortunately, after the rebranding, the original name has been replaced with a snappier "Yeo's" instead.

Nowadays, if you go into any Asian supermarket, there is a good chance you can find Yeo's products. They have diversified into packet drinks and many others besides brewing traditional soy sauce.

The book is packed with rave reviews from key figures in politics, in churches, in social circles as well as academic dons. By telling the story of the founder, it is hoped that it can spur the imaginations of many, and especially Christians, that it is possible to be a successful Christian in the marketplace. For more information, excerpts and photos, click here.

If you are interested to buy the book at the promotional rate of $10 (Singapore currency), click here. This price will change after 22 Feb 2010.


YAPdates said...

Check out my fuller review here.

Anonymous said...

hi, I had read this book "The Soy Sauce Towkay"
and is such a beautiful true story that I strongly encourage more peoples in reading it... Praise the Lord!!


YAPdates said...


thank you.


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