Monday, February 08, 2010

My Top 10 Vancouver 2010 Olympic Videos

They cannot be avoided. Each time I turn on the news, everyone seem to be talking about it. The Olympics are coming to Vancouver BC, Canada. Woo-Hoo!

I am an Olympic fan. After all these years of watching the Olympics on TV, this year, the Olympics are coming to my city! I list the videos below in no particular order. They are all good, that's why they're my favourites. For the fun of it, I thought I can list down some of them, so that I do not have to search for it next time. If the embedded videos do not show up in your browser, just click the title.

(1) "I Believe" Music Video [updated link HD quality HERE!]

This is a nice video, accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful voice of Nikki Yanofsky. The lyrics may not be as great. However, put together the musical rendition and the touching images, this is a winner!

(2) The Wonder-Bread (Commercial by Wonder-Bread)

Children is always fascinating. This video is brilliant for being able to remind us to have fun even in competition. Winning is important, but it is not everything in life.

(3) "You Gotta Be Here" BC Promotional (HelloBC)

This video is impressive for the sheer picturesque images of British Columbia. It makes me proud to be living in BC.

(4) Vancouver 2010 Mascot - Mukmuk

This is delightful. A reminder that of the oft forgotten first nations natives in BC. 'Mukmuk' is derived from the first nations trading language.

(5) "Do You Believe?" (CTV commercial)

This video is wonderful as it brings together the city of Vancouver to welcome the world. It is a heartwarming image that we can all have something in common to believe in.

(6) "All Together Now" - Animated (IOC publicity)

This animated video shows us the meaning of the Olympics. That while everyone competes to win gold, it tells us that unity is the goal.

(7) "One Dream" Music Video (sung by Sarah McLachlan)

Sarah McLachlan's voice is powerful. This rendition is a good companion to Nikki Yanofsky. Personally, I think the lyrics are stronger than "I Believe."

(8) "Let the Games Begin" (narrated by Donald Sutherland)

As the euphoria continues, the "Do You Believe" campaign is certainly becoming such a catchword all over Vancouver that some people gets sick of it. I must say, CTV and others are doing a very effective way to inculcate Olympics awareness. I appreciate the firm and calm voice of Donald Sutherland, that gently peels away a hype-like feeling that usually comes with publicity commercials.

(9) Olympic Pins (CTV commercial)

I include this not because of the video, but for the last momentary question posed by kids: "Do you believe?" For me, that sticks in my head.

(10) "O Canada!" (McDonalds)

This video begins slow. However, be patient and watch the momentum builds up. It's good. It is certainly an uplifting one. Even if Canada does not win gold in any sports, they can win gold in cheering for their athletes. Go! Canada! Go!



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Rosie Perera said...

These are my favorites:

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Vancouver 2010: You Gotta Be Here

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