Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jolt Quote XXV - On Marriage

I like this quote, which talks about the nature of marriage. It reminds me of the sacredness of the biblical description of marriage, where two persons become one flesh.

"The heart of the issue is that marriage is a relationship. A living breathing relationship that is as real as the two individuals that form the bond. It is, if you will, a separate entity - a third person - that is created when two individuals give themselves in a bonding manner. It is not just that two individuals participate together in an exchange for each other's good, it is that they create a whole new being when they marry. What is exciting about this concept of 'us-ness' is that it is not quite one spouse, and not quite the other. 'Us' is what they are together. 'Us' is created by two individuals in a committed relationship; it takes on a personality with characteristics of its own. It is not just two individuals who share, it is two individuals who give up part of themselves to create a oneness - an 'us.'"
(Terry Hargrave, in remarks made at a national Smart Marriages conference, July 2000)



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