Monday, April 19, 2010

Honesty Costs Golfer the Championship

Will you do everything in order to win first prize? In sports, where prize money and public recognition is in hot demand, the temptation is to do everything, even anything in order to stay ahead of the pack. Today, I am encouraged to read about a golfer who conceded his victory to his competitor by honesty pointing out his faulty golf shot to officials who fail to see it. Brian Davis could have won first prize, but he realized it would have been based on a fault no one else but himself noticed. He took home the runner-up prize, to the bewilderment of the media and the public eye. Who would have done such a thing?

Life is more than simply winning the gold. It is one thing to win at all costs. It is another to win honestly and with integrity. If one wins based on unfair practice, the guilt remains throughout his life. If one honestly admits his own faults, he has personally overcome temptation to let integrity remain intact. He forfeited his chance for a first PGA title, but earned a lot more respect. Brian Davis may have lost the PGA 2010, but he has certainly won many fans. I am one of them.  From what I see, the true winner is Davis himself, and for the sport.


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