Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Worshipful Album That Begins Rightfully with Adoration

Album: Adoration
Artist: Brenton Brown
Distributed by: EMI Christian Music Group, 2010.
Reviewed by: Conrade Yap

About the Artist

Brenton was raised in Cape Town, South Africa; studied in Oxford, England, and now resides in Malibu, California. This work is done even as Brenton and his wife goes through the painful loss of their baby girl, Gracie. With an incredible need for healing and recovery, Brenton shares his profound emotions with a re-focused mind toward God, trusting that God will always be faithful. They were rewarded with a healthy baby girl, Bella eventually. Brenton, most well known for his hit song, "Everlasting God," has given the Christian public an authentic gem for worship.

About the Album: "Adoration"

Brenton Brown’s latest album can be summed up in one word: Worshipful. Entitled ‘Adoration,’ every song is written to capture that state of admiration and an adulation of our Creator God. The songs capture an image of God, that intentionally directs the listener to focus on God. Led masterfully by the signature piece, ‘Adoration,’ Brown and company boldly proclaims God’s beauty and awesomeness, letting God increase, and man decrease. The first four songs introduce the listener to give God the praise and honour, to be ushered into the Presence of God. The next four songs lead us to enjoy and dance in the Presence of God. The last two give a glimpse of God’s eternal promise to be with us forever. Interestingly, the final song, ‘A Thousand Times’ is a declaration of faith in God, regardless of good or bad times. An album that helps the listener progress from a dependence on human emotions, to a willingness to worship God, regardless of emotional fluctuations, deserves to be called worshipful. This is the essence of worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. Brenton Brown and company should be commended for contributing another beautiful addition for one to adore and to worship God, in Spirit and in Truth.

It is an album of faith, hope and love, encapsulated in one word: Adoration. Knowing this song, will guide the listener to enjoy using the rest as building blocks to aid worship.


"Album provided courtesy of Kingsway North America and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available in stores February 23, 2010. More information on Brenton Brown can be found at:"

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