Monday, May 10, 2010

Lausanne Marketplace Ministry Conference 2010 (HK)

For those of us interested in workplace ministries, here is an opportunity to participate, especially if you will be or planning to be in Hong Kong.  The note below is from Rev Dr Will Messenger, whom I have known through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and well connected in both the business world and the Christian evangelical world.

He is currently the Executive Editor of the Theology of Work project, based in South Hamilton in Massachusetts.  It will be held from 29th July to 2nd Aug 2010 in Hong Kong. This conference is a joint effort by the Theology of Work project and the East Asia Graduate Conference. You can download the full brochure here.

Do note that this conference is targeted at specific audiences. Before you sign up, read the following:


Participants SHOULD be:
  • Active, long-term participants in business, business education, or another non-church field of work
    • OR highly experienced marketplace ministers/teachers/professors (e.g., John Terrill, Buddy Childress, Paul Stevens)
    • OR exceptionally astute pastors/preachers, with respect to workplace (e.g., Tim Keller, Mark Roberts)
  • Biblically/theologically trained/educated/experienced, either formally or informally
  • Experienced (at least 3-5 years) in faith/work integration
Participants should NOT be:
  • Newcomers to faith/work integration
  • Church workers with an interest, but no experience, equipping people for the workplace
  • Students, unless having at least 5 years of workplace experience prior to enrolling in a postgraduate degree
  • People with less than 5 years workplace experience
  • Biblically/theologically inexperienced 



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