Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Only in Canada

Canada is now in the midst of an election campaign. It is the 4th in 7 years. It is also an election that most Canadian voters do NOT want. What's more? There is something else more important for Canadians. Hockey.

Only in Canada, medical personnel are warned not to chat about hockey during surgery. (new)

Only in Canada, a nationwide elections debate by the leaders of the leading political parties shift the date because of the Stanley Cup playoffs. (news)

Only in Canada, the Premier of the Province asks businesses to turn on the TV if meetings are to be held during a hockey game that involves a Canadian team.

Only in Canada, schools and employers are asked to encourage their students and employees to don hockey colours to school and to work. (news)

Only in Canada, all activities are adjusted so as to fit into a hockey playoff game.

Only in Canada, hockey is treated as the national obsession, even a religion. Between elections and a hockey game, the latter wins hands down.

Credit: The Province
Initially I cannot really understand why. To this day, it still baffles me. I have learned that in Canada, hockey cannot really be understood. It can only be experienced.

Today marks the start of the playoffs for the coveted Stanley Cup. Two Canadian teams are playing, Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks. Many will say it is more prestigious that the Olympics. It is the defacto world cup of hockey, at least in Canada.

This year, the Vancouver Canucks are ranked #1 going into the playoffs. They are Canada's best chance to bring back the Cup to the North.

Go Canucks Go!

In Vancouver, We are all Canucks.

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