Wednesday, June 01, 2011

On Cell-phone radiation and Its Impact on the brain

My daughter's class had a discussion today about cell-phones, radiation and the brain. Her teachers brought up the study that linked cancer with cell-phone usage. I am not surprised. Just recently, the WHO has said that cell-phone radiation are 'possibly carcinogenic.' In other words, they claim it is possible that cell radiation causes cancer.

Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your FamilyI have recently reviewed DISCONNECT, a book by anti-cell phone advocate, Devra Davis. She has some poignant points to make, and it is worth taking note. You can read my review here, or at Amazon.

For an increasingly cell-phone dependent world, let not the convenience of such devices take away the common-sense that we should adopt. In other words, If cell-phones emit radio waves like a tiny microwave oven, imagine putting a tiny microwave oven next to our ears and brains. Can we then say for sure that cell phones are 100% safe?


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