Monday, July 18, 2011

Gay Pride Trampling Others Rights

No matter how we look at it, it cuts both ways. Whether it is a public outcry over morality issues, or a matter of freedom of choice, people are going to dispute all kinds of decisions. Regardless.

Last week, I was having a friendly chat with a friend. Somehow, we stumbled upon the topic of how society has perceived the homosexual issues. Recent events have demonstrated that those supporting 'gay rights' have become bolder. Pride has turned to proudness; proudness to boldness; and boldness to aggressiveness. Let me highlight three examples about such boldness that has led to aggressive stances.

1) Gay Pride Parade

Gay activists are no longer content with funding their own activities. They now want the authorities to support them. Currently, most of the costs for policing, garbage collection, and associated costs for such parades are self-funded. According to 'pride organizers,' they feel that such gay parades are bringing in 'millions of dollars for local businesses. In the article, pride organizers even compared the Gay Parades to the popularity of the Festival of Lights fireworks, which draw thousands of people each summer. If such a civic status is granted, it will more likely be due to the aggressive gay lobbying, rather than the actual 'millions of dollars' for local businesses.

2) Anti-Homophobic Policy in Schools

The gay agenda is also more boldly proclaimed in schools near my neighbourhood. Recently, the Burnaby school board has passed a controversial 'Anti-Homophobic' policy. Quoting the example of one Shahraz Kassam, the Board, passes a rule that applies to thousands of children, leaving parents fuming away why such rules need to be initiated in the first place. Why must gay people be given additional protection over the rest of the people? Why is it necessary to single out the homosexuals, and give them special preference in the first place? The Burnaby School Board chairman has this to say:

"We want to be proactive and make sure we address things like gay slurs and bullying against someone who may be of a different sexual orientation,"

I believe anti-bullying rules have already covered bullying of all natures, include what Hayes say about 'gay slurs' and so on. The problem I have is two fold. First, this sets up an unhealthy precedent to pass all kinds of other rules. Soon, we'll have laws against "Anti-Immigrant," "Anti-religious," "anti-secular," "Anti-Short-People," "Anti-Bald-People" and all kinds of laws that look ridiculous and deserve a whole new curriculum to educate puzzled children what they means. Come on. Children are already struggling with learning Maths and Science, French, English, and many others. Why start imposing 'adult agendas' on children's education?

Secondly, while one may trumpet their own gay rights, what if their actions trample upon the rights of other groups? Are the complaints legitimate, given that Canada already is in the fore-front of 'human rights?' It concerns me because the society appears to offer gay groups a BIGGER ear than other groups. Otherwise, they will not have passed the anti-homophobic laws in the first place!

What happens if one day, a gay boy pours out 'anti-gay' slurs on others? Will the Board then introduce another law?

3) California Introduces Gay Education for Kids

This third development happens in California. It is reported that the learning of gay history is now compulsory for school children. Isn't this move trampling upon the rights of other people to have the traditional form of education for their kids? What makes it more preposterous is how they flash out dissenting parents' rights to pull their children out of the classrooms! Talking about forcing a gay agenda into the books, and then forcing dissenting views out of the classroom. You call that fair rights?

I feel that gay lobbying has now moved to a new phase. Instead of being the victim, it is becoming more aggressive. By highlighting its own rights over the rest, they are trampling on other people's freedom of lifestyle choices. While I believe that people in society ought to be given their freedom to choose what kind of lifestyle they want, all should be open to respect one another. Such respect should not be restricted to any one people group. The very existence of an 'Anti-homophobic' laws have already divided people from the start. Even without such laws, people have already been prosecuted for any anti-homophobic behaviour. Giving the gay group an additional voice is already an unfair advantage.

Case in point. If I exercise my right NOT to agree to a gay agenda being forced into my children's textbooks, is my only choice then to pull my children out of public schools? Sadly, that looks increasingly possible on the nearing horizon.


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