Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Rare Eugene Peterson Interview

Thanks to Douglas Todd, a Regent alum, a reporter from the Vancouver Sun (thanks Tim for this), this rare interview was given by Eugene Peterson that show us how much we need to be reminded about kingdom living, especially for many of us in a world of noise, distractions, materialism, and godlessness. The clip and the interview appears rather short, but is long in terms of spiritual insight. I first met Eugene Peterson in 2005. He walks slowly, unhurried and unharried. What is most memorable is the way he looks at me, and patiently pays attention to what I am saying (or not saying). As his host, I cannot help but feel that he has hosted me instead, by showing what it means to pay attention to people. Great man.

Check out the clip below, and hear how Peterson talks about his personal life, his giving away of the riches that come with his bestselling books, and his take on the megachurches, the prosperity gospel, and other modern jazzy churches. In contrast, he expresses hope that the supposedly shrinking traditional churches are 'doing the right thing.'


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