Friday, September 09, 2011

A Touching Memorial Service - Lokomotiv Yaroslav

On Wednesday, the hockey world was devastated by one of the world's most horrific air crashes which virtually wiped out a top hocky league in Eastern Europe, the KHL. The plane was carrying 45 members of the team, Lokomotiv Yaroslav. Only two survived but are in critical condition. Thursday was supposed to be the opening match against their opponent, Dinamo Minsk. Instead of a hockey game, spectators turned up in droves. The entire team from Minsk turned up in full hockey gear. Every player who perished from their opposing team was represented by a large placade placed on the ice, complete with photo, names, and the colour of the team. As the choir sang, the people stood up in respectful silence and tears. Each Minsk player stood in front of the picture of a player who died, and paid respect. Afterward, each team slowly skated with a puck to put the puck into their own net in honour and remembrance of their dead comrades from the other team. The entire ceremony is touching. Watch it here.

If you want to watch the full 30 minutes ceremony, click here. It is never easy to hear about tragic news, especially this year. The hockey world has been rocked with several deaths recently. For all the passion and competitiveness in sports, it is important to remember that we are all humans in the first place. We hurt. We cry. We mourn and we will weep together. May God grant peace and comfort upon the families and loved ones.


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