Friday, September 02, 2011

Upcoming Movie: "Courageous"

PRODUCED: Sherwood Pictures

From the makers of Fireproof movie, this latest offering is about a group of law enforcement officers who are vigilant at work, but face immense challenges at home. Their commitment to serve and to protect the public is not equally reflected at home. When tragedy strikes home, they discover what it means about fatherhood, brotherhood and faith.

There is a double meaning in the word 'courageous.' Firstly, it is of a courage outside, depicted by four police officers braving the dangers to protect and to uphold the law. It is the second meaning that the movie manifests its brilliance. Inner boldness to take up the responsibility of fatherhood, and to help cultivate boys to become real men of honour and courage. Unabashedly Christian, this movie aims to bring a refreshing injection of perspective on practical faith.

I have heard of this movie for a couple of months already. This is Sherwood's fourth picture, and there is a marked improvement of quality each time. I am looking forward to this movie. If you are a pastor, or a leader in your church or organization, maybe you can get a ticket for the pre-screening that is planned all over Canada. You can try here.

See the trailer here.


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