Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 7, Luke 15: Parables of Jesus

TITLE: Day 7, Luke 15: Parables of Jesus
THEME: Seeking the Lost

Three parables are seen in this chapter. In the first parable, Jesus tells of how the loss of 1 sheep out of 100, leads the great search for that one missing sheep. In the second parable, Jesus moves the ratio from 10:1, where a woman who has 10 coins but loses one, goes on an intense search for that 1 coin. In the third parable, the ratio reduces to 2:1. In the parable of the prodigal son, the man begins with 2, but longs to see his lost son come back to him.

In an amazing mathematical image, whether it is a 100:1 sheep, or 10:1 coin, or 2:1 persons, Jesus cares. Jesus will search high and low for anyone missing from the fray, regardless of numbers. The world tends to measure success in terms of numbers. The world sees numbers as a measure of competence. Not God. If God cares even for the least of us, we ought to care for the least as well.

What I Learned: The person of God cares for people. A lot.


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