Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 12, Matthew 27: Jesus' execution on a cross

TITLE: Day 12, Matthew 27: Jesus' execution on a cross
THEME: Scandalous Exchange

In theory, we know that every kind of punishment ought to fit the nature of the crime. If the punishment is overly heavy-handed, it is not justice but bullying. If the punishment is not strong enough, it fails to act as a deterrent for future crimes of similar nature. Thus, in any law system, it is critical that the punishment fits the size of the crime.

Yet, in practice, things are often not fair. Innocent people are imprisoned. Crimes committed go unsolved. Victims are ignored. The guilty goes free. The state of injustice seems to be more prevalent than scenes of justice. Sometimes, I feel that for every piece of media information about justice being done, lies many more that is not only reported, but a lack of justice. If we think about it, if the media is controlled by the rich and powerful, and if the media can only be sustained by the resources of the rich and powerful, is it not natural to expect that the media, no matter how well-intentioned, will highlight matters that benefit the rich and powerful more? Is there anyone or any organization who will speak for those who cannot speak? Who fights for the hungry? Who speaks up for the marginalized?

Nobody speaks up for Jesus then. Pontius Pilate cynically absolves himself from responsibility. The chief priests and the elders prefer to convict an innocent man, and to release a criminal instead. The crowd lets their emotions get worked up by the accusers, and they ask for Jesus' death. Even the soldiers mock Jesus.

The only person who truly understands Jesus is God the Father. Yet, at that moment, Jesus felt alone. Utterly alone. Love can sometimes be very lonely.

What I Learned: Love is like a marathon. It may speed up during good times. It may slow down in bad times. Love is always moving. Moving toward loving regardless of circumstances.


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