Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Secret Behind the classic song "Amazing Grace"

A dear brother in Christ sent me this video clip which really blows me away. Inside this clip, the black gospel singer, Wintley Phipps masterfully shows us the origins of the song and how it is connected to Negro spirituals.

Firstly, virtually all black spirituals can be composed and played by merely using the black keys on the piano. Take any negro spiritual and try it. Songs like: "I want Jesus to walk with me," "There is a balm in Gilead," "We Shall Overcome," and others.

Secondly, the words are written by John Newton, a white male, who prior to his conversion is a notorious slave owner.

Thirdly, upon his conversion to Christ, he pens his words to the song Amazing Grace. While the hymn is often credited to John Newton, the music is unknown.

It seems like this former slave trader's testimony goes much farther than writing the lyrics. The entire song uses a melody that is purely from using the black keys. Can it be an unknown black composer? Or is it John Newton who specifically asks someone to compose the music based strictly on Negro spirituals to indicate his whole-hearted acceptance of all persons? Maybe, he is the one who composed it. No one knew. Think about it. The lyrics (from the White man) connect with the music (from the black spiritual tradition) to become one united song. Isn't this an amazing song that comes across as a hymn for Christian unity? Great video here.

AMAZING GRACE by WINTLEY PHIPPS from texoki on GodTube.


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