Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Parodies on Worship, Church service, and Prosperity Gospel

Parodies are used to mock or provide a cynical look at things that seem to be more hype than reality. Even in Churches, sometimes we need to learn to laugh at ourselves but at the same time, be aware that we may easily fall into such temptations too. If we are not careful. Check out the following three parodies. The first is the sad state of wrongful worship that some churches and Christians are somewhat guilty of. The second reminds us about the temptation of focusing on man's needs to the extreme. The third is a familiar prosperity gospel clip. Laugh but do not laugh too hard. We may be caught doing it sometime.

1) On Wrong Worship (link).

[I want to acknowledge 'Against Nothingness' blog where I first got to know about this.]

2) On Making Worship Service Extra 'Relevant' (link)

3) Prosperity Gospel (link)


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