Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teresa Hsu

India has Mother Teresa. Singapore has Teresa Hsu. Both are Roman Catholics. They have contributed so much and given the world lots of wisdom. Teresa Hsu died last week as the oldest woman in Singapore then. She was 113 years old. This video (5 & a half minutes) gives us a glimpse of her generosity to give, her willingness to help, and the constant lookout for people less fortunate than herself. She is a model, an example for the rest of us. As you watch the video, look out for the words of wisdom coming from Teresa Hsu. She may be old, but you can see how strong she is inside.

"More than 100 years old, Teresa still spends the time reading, learning, meeting people, gathering, and distributing food and money to help the needy." 

Amazing! Also very humbling.

[Thanks to Net T. for sharing this.]


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