Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coffee It Forward?

Times are bad. As the economy continues to show its depressing face, people are generally less than upbeat. Many are cutting back. Some are contemplating a lower standard of living. Likewise, the general trend is that one of the first things people cut back during lean times, is giving. Yet, one stranger in a coffee shop chooses to buck the trend with a $100 random act of kindness. This happened in a South Carolina coffee shop, Corner Perk, where a stranger left $100 in cash with the staff to use for all purchases in the coffee shop until it runs out. This has not only encouraged many people, it has also prompted similar acts of giving. What a way to kick off a New Year. (news link)

A $100 dollar note may not buy us a lot of stuff, but it can surely be multiplied many fold in terms of simple blessings and an upbeat start to a week.

Maybe, God is calling you to do an act of kindness in some creative way?



Anonymous said...

My colleague told me this morning that she had adopted 2 dogs who were being abused by their previous owners for a long time. One family being her own brother-in-law. I am saddened by such inhumane acts but at the same time happy that my colleague did a kind act by adopting them.

Likewise, I do not have a cordial relationship with my own brother but I still try to be kind although I do not expect him to say anything encouraging to me. I guess this deterioting relationship with my own brother is a trial that God sent to me to help me to learn something out of it. Our Father, please pray that I will be able to live happily in my own apartment, enjoy a good career & relationship with everyone that I come across this year. Amen.

Conrade Yap said...

Dear Anonymous (12 Jan 2012, 5.58pm),

Sorry about your deteriorating relationship with your brother. Kind acts do not guarantee a restoration of any relationship. However, that does not mean that we stop trying.

May God enable you to live well and meaningfully this year and many more to come.


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