Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bye Kindle. Sob!

I like my Amazon Kindle. I like the fact that I can carry many different books in one device. I like the portability and the compact unit. I like the e-ink technology which makes reading so pleasing to the eye. In fact, it looks like real paper even though it does not feel the same. The battery life is excellent and the range of e-books selections continue to grow at an astronomical rate. 

One last look at my Kindle
Unfortunately, today I have to say goodbye to this little unit. I am sending it back. Reluctantly, I am returning it back to Amazon simply because of one factor. It freezes after I try to highlight or bookmark certain sections of any book. Each freezing of the screen means I cannot do anything except to wait for the Kindle to respond. Each freezing means about 5 minutes of wait-time. Each wait time means my reading is interrupted. Each call to Amazon support tells me to reboot my Kindle via a hard reset or software upgrade. Each hard reset needs about 5 minutes to boot up. It is futile. While the Amazon support staff have been extremely helpful to try to resolve the problem, there seems to be an inherent problem in the Kindle software's ability to handle more than a few hundred books. I have more than 1000 books on my Kindle, less than one-third of the 3500 capacity in Amazon's marketing brochure. Amazon even sent me a replacement unit, but the problem still remains. Amazon says I have too many books on my Kindle. I say Amazon's Kindle is not performing according to what they are claiming. 

Sob! Bye Kindle. Now I have to decide if I want to get another e-ink Kindle and fill it with lesser number of books, or to upgrade to the Fire. Tough choice. I like the e-ink for its readability, and the Fire for its stability and reliability. If only Amazon can give me both! 


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