Thursday, March 22, 2012

Regent Conference: "Thinking Together About Aging"

Aging. We have all heard of the aging population in the developed parts of the world, or the first world nations. As people live longer, pressure will mount on each nation's healthcare and medical costs. Physically, aging people will face the common problems associated with aging, like fatigue, body aches, slowness, and deteriorating physical dexterity. Mentally, many suffer from dementia, attention deficits, memory loss, etc. Emotionally, there will be problems associated with a withdrawal from the normal work life, and a gradual lack of interest and care from the rest of society. The challenges are many, especially in a technological world where speed is worshiped, and the youthfulness is cherished above many. What does it mean to age well? What are the biblical considerations for aging? These are many more will be dealt with at this conference.

Here is a great opportunity to learn from four learned individuals. Two of them are men and the other two are women. Three of them are former full-time faculty of Regent College while the fourth is a Laing lecturer back in 2004. If you add up all of their ages together, it will be more than 300 years of wisdom and experience.

A snippet from the publicity brochure:

"More people are living longer today than in any time in history. Seniors are the fastest-growing age group in North America. Yet neither Church nor culture seems adequately prepared to face the needs, the costs, and moral consequences of this 'grey tsunami.' Cultural models for meeting the challenge of aging either are based on denial or succumb to despair. Aging in hopelessness is misery, aging in false hope is ruinous, aging with no forward look at all is pathetic. Could the biblical vision of human life offer us a more realistic, more ethical, and more hopeful understanding of age and aging? Join one of Canada's leading public intellectuals and three of Regent's own gifted and beloved scholars as they think about the implications and the opportunities that this next great challenge offers us."

  1. May 18th, Friday 7pm: "Courageous Aging: Finding a Parth Beyond Denial or Despair." (Maxine Hancock)
  2. May 19th, Saturday 9am: "The Challeng of Aging for the Culture and the Church." (James M Houston)
  3. May 19th, Saturday 10.45am: "An Aging Society as a Litmus Test of our Ethics." (Margaret Somerville)
  4. May 19th, Saturday 2.45pm: "Toward the Blessed Hope: An Eschatology for the Aging." (James I Packer)

All are excellent speakers. Register now at Regent College conference site here before April 20 and save.

I recommend this conference for all. Register here.


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