Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Believe Again

I have not really been a hockey fan until I arrived in Canada. Even then, soccer is still my first choice of sports. During the Olympics, it will be enjoying the many graceful movements of synchronous swimming or the gymnastics display. It is also admiring the way the marathoners push the physical limits of the body or the record breaking sprints of the relays and the swimming speed races. During the World Cup Soccer, I eat, drink, sleep, and talk soccer. The Stanley Cup playoffs is the equivalent of the madness surrounding World Cup Soccer, especially when the home team is playing for the Cup.

Today marks Day 1 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings. After the terrible riots last year when the team lost Game 7, this year, the team is back with more experience, more determination, and I pray more grit.

The city and the authorities have put up a nicely made video to remind all to celebrate responsibly. I like it. As a resident in Vancouver, I am all for the home team. May I urge all in Vancouver and in BC to BELIEVE AGAIN.

Go Canucks Go! It's time to believe again. This time, it will be different.


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