Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Free Public Lectures @ Regent-College

Saying that Regent-College has changed my life can be an understatement. It has transformed my Christian outlook. I recall the vision of Regent, that is largely based on Ephesians 4 to equip God's people for all good works of service. That has been nuanced in many different ways. Since its founding back in 1968, Summer School has consistently attracted many world-class theologians, leaders, and experts in their respective fields of expertise. There are also many lectures that are offered free to the public. Here are ten of them from now to the end of July.

All lectures begin at eight, at the Regent Chapel.

  1. Monday June 25 Marilyn McEntyre: "Poetry, Protest, and Prayer"
  2. Wednesday June 27 Don Lewis: "Evangelicals and Jews Together: The Origins of Christian Zionism"
  3. Monday July 2 Dave Diewert: "The Economics of Enough"
  4. Wednesday July 4 Rachel H. Smith: "Divining the Spirit in Contemporary Art"
  5. Monday July 9 Ivan Satyavrata: "Slumdogs & Millionaires: The Gospel & Social Engagement in India Today"
  6. Wednesday July 11 Jim Houston: "The Role of the Psalms in Transforming Seniors into Elders"
  7. Monday July 16 Susan Phillips: "Shhh! The Art of Listening in an Inattentive Culture"
  8. Wednesday July 18 Ralph Wood: "G.K. Chesterton: Rum, Romanism, and the Sacramental Imagination"
  9. Monday July 23 Rod Wilson: "Depression, Anger, and Gender"
  10. Wednesday July 25 John Barclay: "Because You're Worth It: Grace and Human Value"
If these lectures are not enough, how about walking into this spanking new library?


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