Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Remembrance of my Dad (1941-2010)

Today is a solemn day. It's my dad's second death Anniversary. Time flies. Memory floods eyes. Mood swings. Remembrance brings back many years. My dad loves his garden. He populates it often with new pot s of plants and exquisite flowers.  I love my garden. I populate them with memories of nature, of God, and of my dad's love for nature.

Today, I remember my dad. I remember how he cares for my mum, albeit quietly. He has a quiet disposition, but when he speaks, his words are weighty. He has a good heart, willing to help wherever possible, and ready to give, especially to all things family.

I remember his passion for sports. Each Olympics, the TV will be on many hours. He never grows tired of watching top quality sports, even the uncommon ones. Soccer is one of his favourites. I remember him paying top dollar back in 1974 for a colour TV, so that he can catch the World Cup Soccer tournament. I remember how he will buy tickets to the National Stadium to catch the Malaysia Cup games.

I remember his care for my brothers and I. Regardless of the financial ups and downs, we always have food on the table. His favourite is eating out. From the hawker centers at the Orchard Road Car Park, to Newton Circus, from eating durians at the open market, to eating satay back home, his love for food is contagious. We too love to eat durians, cockles, and all kinds of cooked food. Eating out is his delight.

I remember his deteriorating physical state toward his last years. The first stroke left him half able to move. The second stroke rendered him 90% dependent on external help. My mum took the brunt of the caring. In the later years, a good domestic helper provided needed relief.

Dad, you are loved. Your grandchildren remember you. Your sons remember you. We miss you. Rest in peace in Jesus.


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