Tuesday, September 18, 2012


One of the reasons why our worship is delinquent is simply because of our lack of desire to wonder. We are proud of our ability to solve problems. We revel in our capacity for ready-made solutions. We aim toward mastery so much that we are unable to appreciate the mystery of everyday life. Gayle Erwin's book, "YHWH Style" has this core conviction, that we can only know God according to what God says about Himself.  Watch creation. Watch people. Watch the weather. Watch. Then slowly but surely, as we seek to look for God, we will gradually realize that God is already looking at us.

"If one eats the bread of harvested grain;
If one plucks and eats a sweetened fruit;
If one watches wounds heal;
If one gazes at a distant star;
One can know the grace of God."
(Gayle D. Erwin, YHWH Style, Cathedral City, CA: Yahshua Publishing, 2001, p172)


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