Thursday, October 04, 2012

CV5: Looking at The "iPhone 5" Phenomenon

Bigger. Better. Beefier, promised the Apple ad. Just the mention of the magical number '5' is enough to cause techno-geeks to salivate. On September 21st, 2012, iPhone enthusiasts can be seen queueing up at Apple stores all over the US and selected countries. The pre-orders run in the millions, and the orders are still piling up. Such is the result of a hugely successful iPhone line of products made by Apple, the computer company.
One video actually pokes fun at the people queueing up to buy the new gadget.  A man supposedly disguised as an Apple employee happens to be pushing four boxes stacked on top of each other. He pauses in front of curious people on the line and says: "You guys know what are these?"

People nodded. Suddenly, he carelessly tilts the boxes over. The horrid looks by the people tell it all. People are indeed very passionate for this sexy new device. After all, it is just a phone. Is it? Perhaps, it is not exactly the phone features that are attractive, but the insatiable desire of people to desire the most hip and popular product out there in the market.  It is one thing to have a phone. It is yet another to say to friends, "I have an iPhone 5." Show off? You tell me.

Many people upgrade to the next latest and greatest device without much thought. Not only will that diminish the value of the older models, it heightens the hype surrounding the iPhone 5. Despite complaints over the new mapping feature in the new operating system, sales continue to grow unabated. How do we think Christianly about this iPhone 5 phenomenon? Rather than for me to go on a pros and cons argument about iPhone 5, in this article, I like to concentrate on the passion behind the iPhone 5 hype.

Do we really need to upgrade? If Christians can desire after each fruit of the spirit with the intensity of the iPhone 5 craze, that will be phenomenal. What if Christians are upgraded to CV5, or Christians Version 5? Imagine the following scenario.
  • People lining up to enter churches (I know some churches are in this category)
  • Pre-orders for any material that aims to helping the disciple want to know Christ more
  • News reviews of the wonderful promises of God in the Bible
  • A new insight of the Word of God that lifts people up toward God;
  • People wanting to get their hands on the Bible, just like they want their hands on the iPhone 5.
What if there is a new version of Christians?

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. If Christians in particular are as passionate for the gospel, more than those people wanting to lay their hands on the latest device. Here are some of my dreams for disciples of Jesus Christ, which I call, "CV5" or "Christians version 5," a better improvement than the previous version.

A) "Brilliant 4-inch Retina Display" => "Shining Good Works That Glorify God"

Can Christians live a life of clarity and purpose, that their good works will shine forth, and manifest God's goodness that people long to want to see God more? The iPhone device promises great visuals and lifelike images. Christians version 5, (CV5) will let their works shine before men, that people will see and know that we live not for ourselves but for our Lord.

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16, NAS)

B) "Ultrafast Wireless" => "Heavenly Speed Prayerfulness"

Much has been touted about the speedy and super-fast wireless connectivity. What if Christians grow to pray more naturally, directing their thoughts constantly and continually to God in prayer. This is possible through a life of prayerfulness.
  • Thanksgiving: "Thank you Lord for this fine day."
  • Intercession: ""I like to pray for my friend today."
  • Confession: "Lord, help me to forgive."
  • Help: "Lord, empower and enable me to listen well, and to be a good contributing member to society."
 C) "IOS 6" => "Human Heart Empowered by the Holy Spirit"

I remember a software developer at a conference telling me about the latest advancement in his company products. I have asked him about what is the difference as the hardware appears similar to the older version. He said to me: "The magic lies in the improved software." The Holy Spirit can empower old hearts with new life.

D) "Powerful A6 Chip" => "Powerful Change of Heart"

The most critical component of any electronic or computer system is the central processing unit (CPU). This CPU makes up the main cost of the whole device. If you buy a computer, you will easily see that the price distinction among the different models available is directly related to the quality of the CPU inside. One can see many bonus features, but no one component beats having a powerful CPU. When a person has a change of heart, great things can happen. What about CV5? When members of the Church have a change of heart, moving from lethargy to spiritual vitality, great things happen.

E) "Visit a Nearby Store" => "Visit a Neighbourhood Church"

What if the sign of a cross is a sign of grace and mercy extended? What if people are more open to Church when they see the impact CV5 is making in society and the neighbourhood? What if people find that the Church has become the central engine of neighbourliness and good works? With more CV5 people, we may very well see lines forming to entire the Church every Sunday.

Am I dreaming? No. I am praying. My prayer is that Christians will continue to improve and become more Christlike each day. I pray that that CV5 will lead to CV6 and beyond. Always a better version of ourselves. For God and for neighbours.


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