Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Midweek Meditation: Unimportance

This week, I want to reflect on the importance of feeling unimportant. As an early reviewer of Christian books, there is one that has recently caught my eye and attention. Written by someone who has chosen to remain anonymous, the writer urges us to keep ourselves small, even nothing, so that everything of God can be manifested. He writes,
"It's not self-confidence that humans lack, it's that we have too much self-importance, says an author who, by virtue of that, has chosen to remain anonymous. Or Anonymous."
It's ok to be unknown.

The writer continues.
"We have such a high opinion of ourselves that to live and die unnoticed seems a grave injustice. Yet, has God called us to be anything else? That very challenge, the very calling, is in fact to embrace obscurity. 'When we accept that our value is not dependent on what we do or accomplish, we are - ironically - liberated to do much for Christ."

Ditto. If you are ready, worship.


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peter said...

Makes a lot of sense! good post! :)

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