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Billy Graham's Conversion (Nov 1st, 1934)

Billy Graham's Decision Card at 16 years old.
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Many of us have heard of this great name, Billy Graham. He is one of the world's most well-known evangelists, and influential person of this century. Exactly 78 years ago, this day, the young Billy Graham, then 16 years of age, heard the powerful sermon of one Mordecai Ham. Billy made a decision for Christ. In those days, people still write decision cards in detail, unlike our modern days of electronic communications and digital trail that can be easily deleted at the touch of a button.

Not only is there his own contact information, there is also an emergency contact, a place for one to put a signature, and "important verses for memorizing." We do not do these anymore. Instead, we simply abbreviate any references to a website, or a Facebook page.

I still remember the influence of Billy Graham during his earlier years touring the world to do evangelistic rallies. Many people made decisions for Christ, just like how Graham has done. Not many of us knows Mordecai Ham, the one that God has used to touch the life of the young Billy Graham. I think Ham does not mind. He will be most happy to see that someone else has far exceeded what his little effort has done.

Lesson for me. Even when I feel my role is puny or my influence small, all it takes is for the Holy Spirit to touch one life, and who knows, that person may touch even more lives. When the Holy Spirit works, He works mighty wonders even with just one person.

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