Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midweek Meditation: "There Is Always a Cost"

This prayer by William Barclay is particularly convicting.  It reminds us that in this life, there is no free lunch. Even for salvation, it is free to us, but it costs Jesus his life.

"Help us, O God, to remember that all great things have their price.

Help us to remember that,
  • There is no achievement without work;
  • There is no learning without study;
  • There is no skill of body or of mind without discipline.
Help us to remember that, 
  • There is no purity without vigilance;
  • There is no friendship without loyalty;
  • There is no love without the death of self.
Help us to remember that,
  • There is no joy without service;
  • There is no discipleship without devotion;
  • There is no crown without a cross.
So help us to be willing to pay the price that we may enter into our reward."


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