Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Celebration Luncheon @ LPC

[UPDATE: Dec 17th, 2013. I've updated the videos to run from YouTube instead as Skydrive tends to be clunky and slow for certain devices.]

Today is an eventful day at Church. For the first time since my five years here, there is a children's choir and an adult choir, each belting out 3 songs. Here are some of my recordings.

Glimpse of the more than 120 people in Church

The adult choir starts the ball rolling. This first song is a beautiful rendition of the classic hymn, In the Bleak MidWinter.

The second song is the familiar O Holy Night, with Kelly singing the Mandarin solo before the rest of the choir chime in.

The third song is the song, "Undeserved Love" in Mandarin and English. Simmie begins with a solo in Mandarin, with Jimmy singing the first English solo.

Following the adult choir, we have the children's choir. Note the difference between the two choirs. The adults depend heavily on their printed song sheets. All the kids sang by heart.

The first children's song is "The Perfect Ten." My apologies for an incomplete recording for this.

The second song is "Christmas Isn't Christmas," which is the only action song of the three.

The third song is the very popular "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."


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