Friday, December 14, 2012

Grief Unspeakable

This morning I was sickened. No words can describe the tragedy of more than 27 lives lost to a senseless shooting. No explanation can be given on why 20 young children ages between 5 to 10 are killed in cold blood. No logic can mean anything with regards to why a gunman can even do such heinous crimes. It is an attack on innocence. It is an attack on the hope of humanity. It is an attack on a way of life that we have held so dearly.

This photo describes it all, the pain and the anguish.
The horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut has stopped most of us on our shopping tracks. It has reminded us again how fragile little lives are. It has broken the hearts of many parents. You do not have to be an American in order to feel for the sanctity of these young lives. You do not have in Connecticut to feel the horrors of it all. If you are simply a human being just living out your daily routine, you will be touched by grief, shocked into silence, and taken into a realm of grief unspeakable. No words can come close to matching the deep anguish in the parents, families, and friends of the deceased. Here is my prayer for the families.

Dear God, we want to still ourselves today, to put the interests of others above ourselves. We remember those who are in pain, and we are painfully aware of their grief. We remember those who are anxious about their loved ones, that people around them will be patient with their needs in every way. We remember those who have lost loved ones, both close and far, that You will fill in the vacuum, that no one on earth can fill. We remember those who are confused, that You will bring some sense of clarity in good time. We seek faith as we take stock of a world that has gone wrong in so many ways. We seek hope as we ask that You help us to re-focus on what is important, and the people we love. We seek love and ask that You help us to love our neighbour as ourselves. For the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, we grieve with those who are grieving. We mourn with those who are mourning. We cry with those who are crying. We weep with the weeping. There are no words that can describe what the victims and their families are going through. We dare not attempt to know. We just want to pray that tragedies like these will not happen again. Ever. Have mercy O Lord. Amen. 

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