Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas to you too, Tyndale!

I don't usually like e-greeting cards. I find them impersonal. I find them distant. I find them too computerized for any human comfort. Today, that changed. An e-greeting card from Tyndale House Publishers has given me fresh hope for human connections in an electronic age.

Something clicked in this Christmas photo greeting. Firstly, it has real faces. I recognize at least one of them. It is one thing to get mere words on a card. A simple "Merry Christmas" does not make it any difference from a "How are you today?" greeting on the streets or at a coffee house. Real faces have a way of cutting through the superficiality of human communications, and make it pleasurable.

Secondly, the photo is signed. Every single one of those in the photo has signed it. Signatures have a way of making it deeply personal. After all, we sign our cheques, or when we autograph our books. We sign our names on important documents. Signing it is a legitimate way of saying, "I mean it."

Thirdly, just seeing the natural smiles makes my day very much complete. I do not need the toughness of Clint Eastwood to "Go ahead and make my day." Neither do I need fanciful and animated gifs or jpgs to spice up the greeting. The photo warms my heart more than any hot chocolate drink. It lifts my day up better than any caffeine-laced beverage.

Tyndale PR Team 2012

Well done, Tyndale. I appreciate you. I will set in motion a personal greeting soon. In the meantime, thank you, Tyndale, and Merry Christmas to you too.



Christy said...

Thanks for the great compliment! We're glad you were blessed by our e-card!

Maggie said...

Conrade, your kind comments made my day. We had fun putting this together - thank you for the affirmation. Blessings on you this Christmas!

Conrade Yap, (Dr) said...

@Christy and @Maggie, you're most welcome. Thanks for the initiative.


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