Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Free Resources for Bible Reading (2013)

All over the world, people are wishing one another Happy New Year. It is the same year after year. Sometimes, I wonder what has happened to the year just ended. Has that been a happy year? Why are there some who seems more relieved than happy? Maybe, we have gotten it all wrong. Happiness is a condition that is utterly dependent on circumstances, feelings, and things temporal and fleeting. If that is the case, are we barking up the wrong tree of life in our relentless pursuit and wishes of 'Happy New Year?'

Psalm 119:105
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For Christians, 'happy' is not the goal. Holiness is. One of the best ways to kick-off a new year is to begin a schedule of Bible reading that is consistent, purposeful, and disciplined. In order to provide some help, I list below some resources that you can get for FREE. Yes, that's free for you to use, in your personal and private capacity.

A) Free 1 Year Through the New Testament Schedule (DOWNLOAD)

I have put together a schedule that we can use to guide us through the New Testament and Isaiah in 1 year. Filled with pockets of 'catch-up' time, it gives us days in which we can either catch up on our missed reading days, or to read ahead if we anticipate periods of busy moments. The important thing is consistency. You can refer to my post about more Bible reading schedules here.

B) Free NIV Bible Downloads (IOS, Android, and others)

At least two sources are available for free Bible downloads. As the New International Version translation of the Bible is still the most popular edition, it has not been easy to find free downloads. From today till January 21st, 2013, Zondervan through their BibleGateway app, and LifeChurch.tv through their Youversion software have made available the NIV to be downloaded for free.

Remember that for the Youversion software, you need to download the Youversion software first. After that, from within the software, select "BIBLE" and a list of Bible versions will pop up. Finally, remember that in case you do not have WiFi connection, you need what we call an OFFLINE version. This is where you need to download the offline version onto your mobile device. Once that is done, you will be able to read the Bible at any time, even when you do not have a WiFi connection. 

C) Online Bibles

If you have constant Internet connection, you may simply want to read the Bible online. Here are some online Bible editions you can use for your daily reading.

Paraphrase Bibles (Modern everyday language)

  • The MESSAGE (link)
  • New Living Translation (link)
Dynamic Equivalent (Balanced translation between literal and paraphrase)

  • New International Version 2011 (link)
  • Holman Christian Standard Bible (link)
  • NIV 1984 - most popular NIV by far (link)

Literal Translations (as close to the original languages as possible)

  • New American Standard Bible (link)
  • English Standard Version (link)
  • New Revised Standard Version (link)
  • King James Version (link)
Let us make this year a Holy New Year!


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