Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Founders, Different Memories

One of the most engaging comparisons in the technological world is that of Apple and Microsoft. I remember those days when I was a fan of WordPerfect, and how Microsoft was trying to compete with their relatively new kid, Word. WordPerfect 5.1 at that time was the de-facto standard for word-processing software at that time. How I hated Microsoft for steamrolling over many smaller software companies. In Networking, they rolled over Novell. In spreadsheets, they conquered Lotus 123 with their Excel version. In database, they had Access as a formidable foe. In web browsers, they overwhelmed Netscape and many other startups. Even Apple was not spared as the Apple of old were nowhere near where they are now.

Today, Microsoft is not as popular as the Apple branding. Everywhere you go, iPhones and iPods are common sight. Even in movies, it is common to see a laptop computer that is Apple branded. The iPad continues to dominate the tablet space while the Apple App Store remains the #1 in terms of quantity of applications. The founders of the two companies, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, are well known all over the world. Yet, the popularity of the products and their respective companies do not necessarily mean the same with regards to how well they will be remembered. Truth is, we remember people more than products. We remember charitable people even more.

Recently, Malcolm Gladwell, author of the popular books like, "Blink," "The Tipping Point," and most recently, "The Outliers," has made a striking remark about the memory longevity of the two founders. He says, "In 50 years, people will forget Steve Jobs." He then talks about Bill Gates as one that many more people will remember for years to come. All because of what they are doing with their wealth and their lives. According to Gladwell, he notes the differences in the two men.

  • While Jobs is well known for his Apple products and creativity, Gates will be well known for his contribution toward eradicating the problem of malaria.
  • Jobs promotes himself; Gates helps others;
  • Gates has given more than $2billion toward malaria causes. What about Jobs?
  • ...
Whether Gladwell's predictions will turn out right remains to be seen. Yet, it is a great reminder that things no matter how creative or classy will not last. People's memories will last as long as people are cared for. I remember this phrase that has been shared over and over again.

"People will not remember what you say. However, they will remember how you make them feel."

This is what people ministry is all about. It is not about toys or gadgets that can wow them temporarily. It is about changing lives that will touch them permanently. Touch a life. Make a life. This is much better than the best technological hype.


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