Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making Disciples

Here is a video that brings about a refreshing way to understand discipleship. Four active words describe the way discipleship ought to be like:
  1. Love people, just like Jesus
  2. Liberate people from being enslaved to systems, procedures, structural matters, programs, etc.
  3. Lead through serving one another
  4. Launch people into the world.

One reservation I have when watching such clips is that it is tempting to throw away the old just to make way for the new. The 'wow' factor that such videos creates can cause some people to throw away the proverbial baby with the bathwater. Programs are still important. Ensuring announcements, events, and all church activities are still essential in the daily life of any Church. Church buildings and structures still have its rightful place. The key thing is to note "less of" and "more of." Targeted at churches that have become mostly inward looking and little outreach, this video will be most effective when people are drawn to action, to move from passivity about the lost to seeking actively to share the gospel with others.


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