Friday, May 24, 2013

Learning to Connect (by disconnecting)

One common sight on the streets, on the buses, or simply strolling by the park is someone, somewhere, holding onto a smartphone. Whether alone or with companions, one cannot help but notice how attentive the owner of the smartphone is on his little gadget on his hand. The posture is similar. With one hand holding onto the smartphone, with head looking down intently, it seems like all the world is sacrificed for the sake of what is going on the glossy panel of the smartphone.

Welcome to a new era of smartphone behaviour. What used to be done in the office, at workplaces, or in business areas, are now done conveniently anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. With WiFi more readily available than ever before, it is convenient to be connected by email, on social media, or anything electronically based. Moreover, smartphones are no longer expensive stuff. Compared to decades ago, the prices for the latest and the greatest continue to drop, while cool features continue to rise.

Alas! The price of convenience is a high price to pay. Especially when we are constantly paying more attention to the thing in front of us, instead of the people around us. Forget about going out together. If people are going to be spending more time on their smartphones whether at home, outside, or with friends, why not just forget about the party or the gathering. Why not just let individuals go ahead with their smartphone craze and live by themselves?

Remember the old saying, "So near, yet so far?" The smartphone is here to stay. Until we learn to manage our use of it, we risk letting the smartphone manage us. Watch this video and you will see what I mean.


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