Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Midweek Meditation: A Prayer of Paul David Tripp

This prayer is taken from Paul David Tripp's "War of Words" published by P & R Publishing in 2000.

That temper of mine!
            Forgive me, Lord –
            I let it get the better of me again.

When will I ever learn to wait
            Until I’ve heard the whole story,
            To respond under pressure
            As Christ would,
            To meet evil with good?

I’m growing, Lord,
            But my growth is far too slow.

Till my life –
            Break up clods of pride,
            Root out weeds of selfishness,
            Plow under every vestige of stubbornness.

Cultivate me and sow liberally
            More of the Spirit’s
            Fruit-bearing seed.

Send showers
            And storms (if need be);
            Shine brightly on my soul.

Then I will sprout forth
            Patience and kindness and love –
            And self-control –
            In abundance

And my tongue will learn
            To help and heal
            And praise the Name
                        Of the One through Whom
                        I pray,

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