Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midweek Meditation: "Spiritual Guidance"

"Spiritual guidance differs from psychological therapy in both context and content. The guide and the person being guided are not alone but surrounded by the love of the Trinity. They are not to listen only to each other but also to the Spirit speaking in each of them. Because both must be believing and praying persons, both share in the life of the same Spirit. The aim of such guidance is not to make others independent or free in themselves but, rather, to live in freedom with the Spirit who lives in them and in all believing persons." (John J. English, Spiritual Freedom, Chicago, IL: Loyola Press, 1995, p15)

Note three things as you ponder on the above.
  1. The difference between spiritual guidance and psychological therapy;
  2. The interdependence of the guide and the spiritual mentor on each other;
  3. The dependence of all on the Holy Spirit.

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