Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Simple Financial Diagnosis - Victoria Grant

This 12-year old girl created an Internet sensation when she first made this speech at a Rotary club. CBC reported this as "12 year old girl blasts Canada's banks." Her speech has also gone viral on Youtube, currently nearing a million hits. In the video, Victoria Grant first raises a few promising questions to generate some excitement among the audience. She then dissects the current problem of the financial system in Canada, even bringing up some of the past financial facts to back up her claim. Toward the end, she offers a simple solution that leaves the audience split but amazed at how a young girl can know so much and is able to present the problem cum solution in a clear and thoughtful manner. Hey! She even quotes Jesus and the money changers according to the gospels.

Some people question the source of her speech, with many pointing out that it was her dad who helps craft the speech. Others say that her diagnosis and theory is a re-hashed version of a similar idea broached a hundred years ago. Still, others consider her a child prodigy destined for a bright financial future. Whatever the stand, I think she deserves a lot of credit not just for understanding the financial debt market, but to be able to clearly articulate her understanding for a public audience. Whether she is right or wrong, whether the financial solutions she present is idealistic or realistic, we never really know. Come to think of it, modern financial systems are way too complicated now. There is no silver bullet solution. However, that does not mean we stop trying to find one.


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