Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Meditation: Are You Too Busy?

For this midweek meditation, I like to invite us to reflect on the following twelve questions to diagnose ourselves. The list is taken from Tim Chester's book, "The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness." I like us to ask ourselves this question: Are we too busy for our own good?

  1. Do you check work emails and phone messages at home?
  2. Has anyone said to you: “I didn’t want to trouble you because I know how busy you are”?
  3. Do your family and friends complain about not getting time with you?
  4. If tomorrow evening was unexpectedly freed up, would you use it to work or do a household chore?
  5. Do you often feel tired during the day, neck and shoulders aching?
  6. Do you often exceed the speed limit while driving?
  7. Do you have enough time to pray?
  8. Do you have a hobby in which you are actively involved?
  9. Do you eat together as a family or household at least once a day?
If you mainly answered ‘yes’ to questions 1-6 and ‘no’ to questions 7-9, you may have a busyness problem.


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