Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Midweek Meditation: "Bernard's 12 Steps of Spiritual Progress"

When we talk about spiritual progress, there is a lot of self-awareness going on. With ample self-examination and a desire to refuse to sin, one gets ready to climb up the ladder of spiritual progress, with God's help of course. Note the several instances of refraining, limiting, and self-control, that in itself is a fruit of the Spirit.


Step 1 - Love of God
Step 2 - Watchfulness over sin
Step 3 - Submission to Superiors
Step 4 - Patience in the face of accusation
Step 5 - Honesty in Confessing our sins
Step 6 - Refraining from taking the initiative to remove our sin (*)
Step 7 - Humility in the face of others
Step 8 - Refusing to assert any special rights
Step 9 - Refraining from speaking unless asked
Step 10 - Reluctance to laugh
Step 11 - Restrained speech
Step 12 - Limited expectations

(adapted from Richard Foster and Gayle Beebe's excellent work, Longing for God, IVP, 2009, p37)
(*) This means that one recognizes only God can remove sins.


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