Thursday, March 20, 2014

Accordance Bible 20th Anniversary (1 Day Special)

I have been an Accordance Bible software user since 2004. Nearly ten years ago, I bought my first Apple Macintosh PowerPC notebook computer. The main reason: Run Accordance Bible software. Since then, no other Bible software have come close to the usability, the depth, and the smooth interfacing of English, Hebrew, and Greek texts. The modules are easy to understand and installation is a breeze. Of course, one needs to get used to the Apple platform. Accordance for me is exquisite, elegant, and technically excellent. Yet, the competition has not stood still. The two chief competitors, Logos Bible Software and Bibleworks begin offering not just the Windows but also the Mac versions too. They bundled lots of other resources (especially English ones) together with the main packages.

Personally, I was tempted to switch, especially with Logos offering multi-platform licensing in which one license allows users to install both the Windows and the Mac versions. This is the right move, as both the Mac and the Windows platforms are becoming more ubiquitous by the day. It is increasingly common for people to have one platform at home and another at work. I am no different. I am versatile with both platforms. Thus, just when I was about to jump ship to Logos, I realized that Accordance has matched Logos with their multiplatform licensing in which licensed users can install their software on up to 5 personal devices (Mac, Windows, IOS). I stayed and glad I was. Let me list several reasons why.

  1. Great Software: The software is very stable and usable. After a short while of getting to use the menus, the systems, and the way modules are opened and linked, the rest is very intuitive.
  2. Universal Licensing: With my one license, I can use it on both my Windows and Mac systems. IOS versions too! This means I am able to use my Mac at home and Windows in my office.
  3. Purchased Modules (Easy Install): No longer do I have to worry about key codes or software modules purchased long ago. With one login account, users can install from anywhere, anytime.
  4. Chat Support: The staff are friendly and responsive. They have been extremely helpful to iron out some of my queries patiently.
  5. Precise Purchase: One thing I like is the pricing in which I pay for what I use. One of my friends once told me, "Free stuff people will hardly use." It is indeed a waste to pay for stuff which are hardly used, yet occupy precious disk space. So far, all my purchases have been actively used. 
  6. Clergy Discount: I really appreciate every little help offered for full time workers.
  7. Good Software: I am happy that Accordance is now 20 years old. It is important to support good work done by good people.

Today is another reason to rejoice. The 20-for-$20 is a chance of a lifetime to upgrade one's modules. It is only valid today (March 20th, 2014, ET). Here is the link to the one day special. I'm a happy user.

Thanks Accordance! And Happy 20th Anniversary!


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