Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Midweek Meditation: "Letter From a Friend" (Margaret Fishback Powers)

Margaret Fishback Powers is a Canadian author, most well known for her poem, "Footprints." This poem is taken from her book that traces the story of that world famous poem.



I am writing to say how much I care
  for you and how much I want you
to know me better.
When you awoke this morning
          I exploded
           a brilliant sunrise
            through your window
trying to get your attention.
You rushed off.
  Later I saw you walking and talking
   with some friends.  I bathed you in
    warm sunshine.  I perfumed the air
          with nature's sweet scent.
     You rushed off.
     You didn't notice me. 
Then I shouted to you in a tornado.
  I painted you a beautiful rainbow
  in the sky.  Then you gave me a glance.
     Still you rushed off. 
That evening I spilled moonbeams
  in your face.  I sent a cool breeze
     to rest you and take away your fear.
     I watched over you as you slept.
          I shared your thoughts.
           You were faintly aware
            I was so near.
             I've chosen you.
I have a special task for you.  I hope you will
talk to me soon.  Only I brought you through
the storm.  Others saw no morn.
     I remain near.
     I am your friend.
     I love you very much.

          Your friend,

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