Thursday, August 14, 2014

"What Can I Do With My Worry?" (Free RBC Booklet)

Worry is one of the most common emotions among people, especially high achievers. In fact, one of my most popular blog posts have to do with the subject of worry. It is entitled: "Is Worry a Sin?" Recently, I received a nice little booklet on Worry. It was written by an ex-RBC contributor David Egner, now retired. While recognizing that worry is a legitimate human concern, remaining in a perpetual state of worry can become a debilitating one. It impacts not only oneself but also others around us. In fact, worriers who call themselves "Christians" are not really demonstrating that they trust God. I like the way Egner concludes the article.

"When it comes to worry, at least two things help to distinguish us as followers of Jesus: what we are concerned about, and what to do with our fears. When the concerns of our heart show our love for others or bring us to our knees in a recognition of what only God can do, they help us (Ps 119:67; 2 Cor 11:28). But when our worries preoccupy us with ourselves or weaken our trust in the Lord, we are letting them work against us." (31-32)

He ends by saying: "Worry can either bring us to the Father in heaven, or it can drive us away from Him." Good reminder indeed.

It is a booklet filled with much wisdom and tenderness. Download or read it online today.

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