Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Prayer on September 11th

Thirteen years ago, the world was gripped with horrifying images of terror and war. We must continue to pray for God's peace to reign on earth. For without God, there can never be any peace.


Lord, this time of the year, we recall with horror the 102 minutes that changed the world we live in. The images are gut-wrenching. They have spawned even more wars since that fateful day. We sometimes wonder why such attacks could ever have been conceived. It boggles us and reminds us once again the deep evil that is occurring around the world. We remember You teaching us to pray for all people, both friends and foes; the loved and unloved. It is hard to pray for our enemies on our own strength. We can only do so from the eyes of Christ who loved the world so much that He died for all.

We pray for those who have been scarred from the aftermaths of the attacks; those suffering from personal loss; PTSD; fear; and various fallouts. Help us to do everything we can to be peacemakers, be bearers of the good news, to declare the coming of the Kingdom of God. An inch of peace is better than no progress at all. A remembrance of hope is better than volumes of despair. A glimpse at Your grace is better than constant fixation on worldly things. Draw us closer to You, that we may draw others closer to the Prince of Peace.

In the Name and the Power of Christ. Amen.

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