Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Midweek Meditation: EHC Principle 3 of 6

In Peter Scazzero's "The Emotionally Healthy Church," the third principle to cultivate emotional health is to move away from "proud and defensive" behaviour toward a "broken and vulnerable" posture. Often, for those of us who are insecure, we either flee, take flight, or hide when we are criticized. We need a theology of weakness.

"Everyone is broken, damaged, cracked, and imperfect. It is a common thread of all humanity - even for those who deny its reality in their life." (Peter Scazzero, The Emotionally Healthy Church, Zondervan, 2003, p114)

"When I attempt to exercise control and power, I have strayed from the embrace of the Father.
" (127)

#3 - LIVE IN BROKENNESS AND VULNERABILITY (1-Very / 2-Sometimes / 3-Not Sure / 4-Never)
  1. Do you find it easy to admit you're wrong and readily seek forgiveness? (  )
  2. Are you free to speak about your shortcomings without fear? (  )
  3. Are you approachable and not easily provoked? (  )
  4. Do you easily give others the benefit of the doubt? (  )
  5. Are you open for feedback, and willing to receive criticisms? (  )
  6. Are you quick to listen, and slow to be critical of others? (  )
  7. You are often ready to encourage rather than to put people down. (  )
Note that the lower your score, the better you are able to honestly deal with your own brokenness and weakness, and not be afraid to admit you are very human.


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