Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Valuable Resource for Learning Greek: Singing Grammarian FREE!

During my days as a student learning Greek, one of the challenges is in trying to memorize the Greek alphabet, various word endings, and to be familiar with the grammar of Koine Greek. For students in the English speaking world, it can be a weird experience speaking a different language. A helpful tool for me was music and singing. By letting the melodies guide our memorization, we can not only learn the grammar faster, we can also have some fun in it to loosen up. The list of 17 videos covers:
  1. Articles
  2. Greek Alphabet 
  3. Aorist Active and Middle
  4. Future Active and Middle
  5. First Declension
  6. Second Declension
  7. Third Declension
  8. Imperatives
  9. Infinitives
  10. Liquid Verbs
  11. Participles
  12. Passives
  13. Present Active Indicative
  14. PluPerfect
  15. Present, Middle and Passive
  16. Secondary Endings
  17. Subjunctive
When this grammar resource was launched in the first quarter of 2013, I was among the first to review the songs. Due to some recent changes, the author, Danny Zacharias has decided to make his whole work available for free on Youtube. If you want to support their work, you can download/purchase a high-quality video here.


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