Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lo-Hei (Christian version)

As the Chinese New Year of the Goat progresses, I know many Chinese people are continuing the tradition of Lo-Hei, especially in the countries of Singapore and Malaysia. Almost everyday, over a gathering of a meal, people would happily come together to mix a dish with raw fish, vegetables, crackers, and other colourful flavours. Traditionally, there is a purpose behind each ingredient. Experienced servers and waiters would know what that mean. For Christians, here is a version which may come useful. I got it from a friend and thought it can be useful for anyone of you interested.


Red envelope which contains pepper

"Praise the Lord, for peppering us with His loving grace and truth." (John 1:17)

Green envelope which contains five-spice powder

"Praise the Lord, for accepting our labour as a fragrant offering to His plan." (Romans 12:1)


"Praise the Lord, for the grace of God to be fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19)


"Praise the Lord, for anointing us with the oil of joy." (Psalm 45:7)

Plum Sauce

"Praise the Lord, for the sweetness of His Word... sweeter than honey to my mouth." (Psalm 119:103)


"Praise the Lord, for the street of pure gold that you have prepared for us to live in eternity." (Revelations 21:21)

Blessing Verses as we toss the raw fish -yu sheng
May our loved ones come to the saving knowledge of Christ
May God grant us unity as a body of Christ
May the Lord's favour go before and with us
May there be peace and harmony in our families
May God keep our marriages strong
May the Lord lift up His countenance on us
May the Lord grant us victory each day
May God send revival to our land
May there be a powerful outpouring of His spirit on our nation
May the Lord's hand be with us
May the Lord bless us each day in our coming in and going out
May God protect us and keep us safe under His wings
The Lord's provision is more than enough
May we continue to grow in faith
May God grant us wisdom and understanding
May we grow deeper in love with Jesus
May we fear God always
May the Lord bless us with opportunities and boldness to share the gospel!

Blessed Lunar New Year !


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